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Receive professional, knowledgeable advice. With direct support from our providers we can provide timely market and product information to grow and protect your wealth.

Private Client Services is a fresh approach to premium services. Don’t be placed into a limited selection of pooled investments just for reduced fees. Instead, receive a wide choice of options, with low fees, tailored to your needs. Choose to be treated like an affluent investor. Choose Private Client Services provided by Oake Wealth.

Lowered Fees

Qualify for reductions which increase as your portfolio grows. House-holding increases fee reductions. Linking family accounts will help each account qualify for higher fee reductions.

Please contact Oake Wealth for an initial consultation. Lets build a roadmap to success. We look forward to hearing from you.​

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Private Client Services

Greater Portfolio Options

Choose from a wide choice of funds, from a variety of investment houses to build the portfolio tailored to your needs